VOTE NO on I-186

Protect Miners & Jobs

I-186 threatens Montana mining – and the jobs, schools and critical services it supports.

Protect Miners & Jobs

The Economic Impact of Mining

Over 12,300 jobs for Montanans
Generates $199.4 million in revenue for Montana
Critical funding for schools, law enforcement and roads

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Take Action to Stop I-186

STOP I-186 to Protect Miners and Jobs is a coalition of miners, teachers, small business owners, sportsmen, local officials, and taxpayers who recognize the essential role mining plays in Montana’s economy. Join us to ensure that Montanans can continue to experience the wide-range of economic benefits mining provides to our state.


In the News Stop I-186 Launches TV Ad Emphasizing Existing Balance Between Mining and Environment

(Helena, Mont.)—In an TV ad released this morning, the STOP I-186 campaign urges Montanans to vote ‘NO on I-186’ to protect mining jobs and preserve the successful balance between protecting our environment and developing...

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In the News Anti-Mining Initiative Not Based in Reality

As is sometimes the situation, issues outside of the agricultural spectrum that have the potential to affect jobs and the economy in our rural communities come into play in Montana politics. Our natural resource industries...

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